Survey Page

1. Do you enjoy working with the public?
yes no 

2. Do you find it is satisfying to help people, whether you know them or not?
yes no 

3. Have you been in sales in the past and prospered?

4. If so, what types of networking was most effective in that sales role?

5. What industry, specifically, are you the most comfortable working in?

6. Are you interested in working in a multiple locations/states or in one region?

7. How soon will you be ready to start your franchise business?

8. Are you able to travel up to 2 weeks for initial franchise training?

9. What 2 factors will influence your decision the greatest when buying a franchise?

10. What income per year would be needed while you build your business to sustain your current lifestyle?

11. Are you interested in beginning in your home or would you be most interested in a commercial location for an office?


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Would you like to receive a phone call to discuss this franchise opportunity?
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12. Do you find you are able to solve problems quickly, having a fair amount of facts/data?
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13. Do you have any logistics experience?
yes no 

14. Are you interested in a flexible schedule as much as unlimited potential for growth, or which interests you most?